Gear Care and Maintenance

How to take care, maintain and repair your gear. Practical alternatives and solutions for you gear.

Tent Care and Maintenance

Your camping tent is your home when you are out there. It serves as your shelter to protect you from rain, insects, cold, and other harm while you are out there. Wether it is a high-end or just a tent of your choice, it will last long when properly used and when you take good care of it.   Before going out. If you have a newly bought tent, try to practice pitching several times before you go out so it would be easy [...]

Sleeping Bag Care and Maintenance

For you to be much more comfortable inside your synthetic sleeping bag on a cold night, you need to maintain it and take care of it. Here are some simple tips which may help you maintain your gear. During Camping Sleep clean. Try to avoid sleeping with dirty clothes, socks or even without cleaning your body. Your sweat, body oil, sunscreen, lotion etc., will rob and stick to your sleeping bags which may later cause odor and mildew. Use ground protection. When using the sleeping [...]

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